Seventh Switch
12 - 2 PM

DJ Craig EC
2 - 3 PM

The Nineteen 90's
3 - 5 PM

As the name states, The Nineteen 90's play the most popular music from the 90’s and dress the part as well. Dance to your favorite 1990's hits, and remember the glory days of past, when bands like Green Day, Weezer, Nirvana, Faith No More, Marcy Playground, and Foo Fighers ruled the airwaves. The younger generation never experienced when MTV played music, and your local record stores carried the cassettes and CD's that defined a generation. 



Fall is the time for harvest, keeping warm and reflecting on things we are thankful for.

The City of Lancaster will celebrate the season by infusing all of these things into one grand event when it hosts its Field of Drafts™ Beer Festival this November at The Hangar.

Attendees will enjoy live music, sports entertainment and a delectable selection of beers from some of the finest brewers in the western U.S.

If you are a beer connoisseur, this is your opportunity to discover a taste you’ve yet to experience.

City of Lancaster
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